Frequently Asked Questions.

General Questions 
Any student who wants to attend a school his/her home is not zoned to attend.
Yes, you must apply each year you want to attend a school your home is not zoned to attend.
Yes, all student transfers will be applied for online during their appropriate application period through the Student Transfer Program.
Yes, if your child wants to attend a school your home is not zoned to attend, you must apply annually for a transfer.
Not as a transfer for a full-time employee’s child. However, your child may qualify for another type of transfer.
The full-time Pearland ISD employee must be the parent the child lives with and. . .
  1. Be listed as parent on the birth certificate of the child OR
  2. Be married to the parent listed on the birth certificate of the student and live with the student OR
  3. Be the court-appointed legal guardian who lives with the student
Other relations are not accepted. Documentation is required to establish eligibility.
No, without an approved transfer to that school, a Skyward enrollment to the non-zoned campus will be rejected. Skyward and the student transfer program are independent entities, not linked in any way.
User Account Questions 
No, returning transfer students should access their same account each year to submit an application.
Pearland ISD does not have a record of your password. You may click the "Forgot Password" link in the program for a security question associated with your password.

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